Stacey Crew is a Certified Health Coach who helps individuals achieve
better nutrition and balance by providing a supportive environment to achieve goals
and live a more fulfilling life. Stacey is also an Amazon best-selling author of
The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You & Baby One Step at a Time.
Her latest book, Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle
will be available later this year.
As a Certified Wellness Coach, Stacey helps individuals achieve their health & wellness goals through a 4-prong approach:
  1. Understanding the individual’s wellness needs.
  2. Educating on specific health & wellness topics.
  3. Empowering the individual to make informed decisions.
  4. Providing accountability & support throughout the process of transformation.
All of this is done in a supportive environment.
If you're unclear about your goals, Stacey can help you set goals through a formalized process. First, together you identify where you're frustrated and stuck.
Based on a series of questions and exercises, you uncover where you'd like to be.
Next, you work toward identifying where you'd like to be.
Your next step is to schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call to see if we'd be a good match to work together.
Let's get started on moving you in the direction you deserve! 
Stacey Crew, C.H.C.

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