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Stacey Crew Wellness Tidying Up

My Thoughts on Tidying Up

Trends come and go, but one that has stuck is the move toward minimalism. The Minimalists, Joshua Becker, and countless others have embarked on a lifestyle that highlights less is more. Then there’s Marie Kondo who I would say also fits into that category because you can’t have an overabundace of things that ALL spark …

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Stacey Crew Wellness

What’s Your Word for 2019?

I’ve learned not to force things (for the most part!). I am a true believer that things happen when the timing is right. You can align your intentions, set goals, but if the timing isn’t right, what was once a positive situation, could turn into a frustrating experience. I knew I wanted to reach out …

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Storing Formal Dinnerware

The holidays are here, which means for many, it’s time to pull out the formal china. Or maybe not. Depends on whether you’re staying home, going to friends or relatives, or choosing not to use the “good stuff.” So where is your china stored? In a breakfront or china cabinet, still in boxes from the …

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Stacey Crew Wellness - Organized kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Every once in a while, I survey my readers to find out what challenges they’re experiencing when it comes to organizing in the home. This question is something I think challenges everyone, so I wanted to share some tried-and-true solutions for organizing the kitchen for healthier eating. Stacey, I would like to know if there …

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Five Steps to Stay Out of the Drive Thru

It’s possible to use a little organization to turn dinnertime into a manageable routine without falling into the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. A few minutes of preparation prevents the added stress of trying to figure out what to cook while hungry family members prowl the kitchen asking, “Mom, is dinner ready yet?” Here are five …

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Tame the Laundry with 5 Simple Steps

It’s hard to believe that I’ve never blogged about Laundry. Whether it’s in an email, a blog entry, or face-to-face, this is one of the most common topics ever discussed. So, here it is… We wear clothing everyday, obviously…which means there’s always laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away. Most people complain about what is considered …

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Stacey Crew Wellness - Comfort Food

Comfort Food is Cool!

There was a time when cooking was really not my thing! (Anyone who’s known me for a long time, knows this.) So, I try and find easy recipes that I LOVE in order to simplify, but still, enjoy delicious meals. Also, I love to NOT have to use a recipe (this speeds things up on …

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Create a Natural Home Environment

Did you know? Studies show that organized people are less stressed, have increased productivity and efficiency, are less frustrated, and suffer less from depression. Benefits of Less Clutter Being organized helps one regain a sense of control which results in higher self-esteem and confidence. Organized people make conscious choices and decisions. They eliminate clutter and …

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Stacey Crew Wellness Mindset

Mindset Shift Is Everything

“Small mindset shifts equal BIG Results, over time.”  Around the time I started running, I also started cleaning up my thoughts through a mindset shift. The running helped, but I was becoming more and more conscious of what I had been telling myself–things that just weren’t true! I started to become friends with my anxiety. …

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Organized entryway

An Organized Entryway

One of the reasons a post like this is so important is that too many people spend precious time searching for things like their keys and other items they need when leaving the house for a busy day. Creating entryway organization will solve this problem!  What you need for entryway organization Organizing your entry hall is simple! You’ll need a place …

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