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How to Eat Healthier During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for relaxing with family and friends, taking time to participate in festive activities such as holiday parties and celebrations that typically include lots of food and drink. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?! 😉 Yes, but perhaps not so much for our bodies. Anytime we consume more sugar than …

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Five Common Weight Loss Mistakes

We’ve all wanted to lose weight at some point or another. Whether it’s 5 lbs., 25 lbs. or maybe 50 lbs. Well, today I want to bust one of the big myths surrounding weight loss: Diets don’t work! Why Diets Don’t Work Because diets ultimately create restrictions in order to lose weight. When we feel restricted, …

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From Anxiety to a Half Marathon

Looking back on my life, I’ve always suffered from anxiety from one degree to another. Without a doubt, there were times when it would flare up more than others and it took me years and decades to understand why. I could probably list one hundred reasons, but after many years of varying degrees, I am choosing …

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How to Eat More Veggies

I’ve become that person! You know, the one who posts on Instagram, what she cooks and eats. I didn’t really get it until I began eating healthier. The food looks more delicious and is naturally more photogenic because of the colorful array on the plate. But, in all seriousness, I do love to look at …

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Clear Fridge Clutter & Improve Health

Back in 2002, what started me on my journey to organizing and decluttering was a little book called “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.” I was killing time with my then pre-schoolers, shopping in Steinmart, of all places (not necessarily where you’d expect to find books on Feng Shui). I spotted Karen Kingston’s book on a …

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Summer Tacos

Recently, while preparing my produce for juicing, I noticed that large Romaine leaves could make a great shell for a healthy taco. After I finished juicing, I grabbed some various food items already in my fridge and began experimenting. Fortunately, I had some Pepper Jack cheese (already shredded), which always packs a nice little punch and …

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One-pot Lentil Soup

Simplicity is essential when it comes to mealtime. I’ve always been drawn to easy-to-make recipes that have few ingredients, take a short time to prepare and cook, there’s little cleanup, and provide leftovers. When I stumbled upon a one-pot lentil soup, it became a household staple. We’re also a vegetarian household. My oldest daughter has been a …

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