An Organized Entryway

One of the reasons a post like this is so important is that too many people spend precious time searching for things like their keys and other items they need when leaving the house for a busy day. Creating entryway organization will solve this problem! 

Entryway Organization
This beautiful locker system is from Pottery Barn

What you need for entryway organization

Organizing your entry hall is simple! You’ll need a place for:

  • Keys – use a hook system or a bowl if you have a table or shelf
  • Shoes – use hanging shoe storage for a tight space or shoe rack for the floor to create organization vs. just tossing the shoes on the floor
  • Jackets – hang jackets on hangers or create a hook system if your entryway is more like a hallway or mudroom
  • Bags – create a hook system for bags, but don’t overload this space with “storage.” This area should be for items that come/go on a daily basis. 

If you have a hall closet, use it. Hang jackets, use the top shelf for a couple of baskets to hold gloves/mittens/scarves or goggles, bathing suits, and sunscreen for warm-weather months (rotate these items, depending upon the season). If you have a larger closet, put shoes on the floor, side-by-side in an organized fashion, not just tossed in.

No hall closet, no problem

If you’re without a hall closet, consider a coat rack and concealed shoe storage (a piece of furniture or something that hangs on the wall) that looks like a piece of furniture OR a bench and shelf up above where you can hang jackets and put other items.

Place a key rack on the wall near the front door. I would suggest not hanging this directly next to the door and keep it up at your eye level so little ones can’t get hold of keys. You’ll also want a place to put your bag (whether handbag, work bag, etc.), which could go in the closet on a hook.

Hooks are lifesavers

Add hooks to the inside of the closet door at kid level so you can have a bag for your little one(s). Once kids reach two- to three-years-old, you can teach them to hold their own bag and where to put it when you arrive home.

Avoid placing items in the entry hall that are not used on a daily basis. Utilize this space for coats/jackets, shoes, backpacks, stroller, etc. In other words, not for permanently stored items such as photos, electronics boxes that you need to hold on to for the warranty period, etc.

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Keep in mind too, that if you use another door most often to enter/exit the home, set up your “entryway” there. You want to put things where you use them, so organize these belongings next to the door you use most frequently. 

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